Anarchoi always has been and always will be a voice for the little people, a voice for the ones who cannot speak for themselves, and above all a voice for people who are so fed up with being controlled that they must take a stand...we will fight with you.

Our aim is to be available to as many people as possible. Thats why we aim to take up with a label in each country with enough people willing to listen to us. We believe that the anarchist community world wide need to communicate more with eachother. This is our way of contributing as a group of people. Furthermore the Anarcho-punk community world wide also needs to communicate with eachother more. Hence the push to get our music out world wide.

contact: info@anarchoi.info

Lyrics of "Cavite"

In these prisons they call export processing zones; they slave with needle and thread. Under armed guard they are beaten and raped for less than the price of a loaf of bread. But back in la-la land the fat cats sit and chortle as they read this year?s profit statement. The numbers read well, on the bosses faces we can tell their sheer contentment

The prisoners still slaving while the cats lick the milk and lay their heads down. The padded floor calls out their names, but another order rolls in from Nike town. The kids dropped off dressed in the latest line of gap, who?s paying who for this stock. It?s straight off to work at the World Bank, while he straightens his tie he?s really pulling his cock.

Somewhere in the Philippines in a place called Cavite there?s 207 factories working 24 hours a day. The facility houses some fifty thousand workers, they make everything from Nike shoes to gap pj?s. The workers slump through the gates and are met by armed gaurds furiously checking their id cards. They prepare themselves for the 20 hour working day, looking forward to their 20 cents per hour pay.

Workers Rights - Its just not fair
Multinational corporations - Just dont care

Non-Violent Direct Action!

The strategic use of immediately effective acts, such as strikes, demonstrations, or sabotage, to achieve a political or social end.