We're Attentat Sonore; a band going since 1988, often labelled as "anarchopunk" which doesn't disturb us, of course. We don't want to get more labels than necessary, of course, the most important thing being to stay active on a level or another.

We sing half in french half in english, we play a mix of streetpunk and early hardcore, and have dual vocals. We played benefit gigs as many bands, the latest being in support of the ABC in Dijon, France, with RENE BINAME (B) and CONFLICT
(UK). This show drew around 500 people and good money for the cause. It was also in support of this great place called Les Tanneries, in Dijon, which is the most important (and older !) squat in France. Maloka, an anarchopunk label and distro, is very involved in this place.


Locally, there is no ABC, but we're supporting antifascist and anarchist actions, even if we don't belong to a political group in particular anymore. There is no squat here anymore, except some non-political ones. The last ones were evicted by
the police after the city mayor decided that was not a pleasant thing to have... We hope there will be a new one sooner or later, it's badly needed.



Our song on this benefit-complation you can find on our new record, a 7" called "Barricades 1905", refers to the
Spring 1905 events here in Limoges. Workers went on strike after some bosses and foremen tried to abuse them. It was time to take their life and re spect back. They didn’t win anything but respect in these fights, strikes, riots, barricades, but this is the basis of any life :

sometimes you have to say no and fight for what you believe is right. Even if you cannot win. This record goes to the people who sincerely tried to change the world, and those who still do.

The song "Fascine par le declin", which is featured on this 7", is about
the lack of reaction towards the political choices made by the french governement and its predecessors. We are losing our rights day after day, and the bosses are always richer and stronger. People are divided, unorganized, and as always, apathy is the enemy…"Nothing will ever fall from the skies above. Nothing – but bombs."


Please check our other sites :
http://guerillaurbaine.free.fr (zine)
http://datapunk.propagande.org (photos)



B.P. 135
87004 LIMOGES cedex 1