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DADDY LONGLEG, November 2005

Capitalism causes extreme social and ecological crises and wars, as well as it is based on and reinforces patriarchal and racist repression. In our song we exemplarily name a few of those responsible. Let´s counter the neoliberal globalisation of the rulers with an emancipatory globalisation from below!
In order to secure its role and position the capitalist system relies on all forms of suppression. Its means consist of manipulation, incarceration and war. The persecution and imprisonment of the Magdeburg prisoners is just one example of all that. We confirm our solidarity with them and demand the release of all revolutionary prisoners worldwide!

Marco, Carsten und Daniel, we send powerful greetings!

Lyrics of POLARITY

the whole world is your marketplace
you fuckin' pigs, you organized the biggest war, the biggest lie
your history is a lie, your parliament the alibi
exploitation everywhere, you're manufactering consent
while society decays

you're building and arming frontiers
intending veiling contradictions
between social classes, abusing racist prejudices
we're not the slaves of your remote control
we won't beleive in your scapegoats
you can't divide an conquer
we will win ...?

abundance = excrement
abundance equals crime, your fuckin' wealth means crime

we'll sit on the rubble of your world

down, down IMF
down, down World Bank
down, down WTO
down, down multinationals
down, down ruling class
down, down G7
down, down NATO
smash the system!!!