We are an anarchist collective that produces hip-hop
and other electronic styles, we also distribute
anarchist propaganda.
We want to live in a world without state government
We are workers who want to control our own work
We are influenced by the spanish revolution and
anarchist communism and believe our class can and will
free ourselves from capitalism and state goverment.
We are against the police as they exist only to
protect the rich,
free all prisoners !

Entartete Kunst. 2006

Pressure presses on the back of your neck
the ache of the clock as you wake
late to the job that takes
you say to yourself to endure the strain
"I don't got it as bad as.." and you don't
pennies keeping adding up to nothing
til it builds that empty feeling
that YOU were always bound to lose
surviving under these states of abuse
We work worker's toiling the land
profit stolen by the bosses hands
from the women in juarez mexico
to the africans shot down off italy's shore
to the dock worker's of oaklands ports
to the trucker's traveling up and down english roads
interlinked to history intertwined our future
in this world defiled by these states of abuse and
that provide more corporate breaks
writing checks that bomb shoot pollute starve and scar
making fat cats fatter while the p and m complex gets
funding that ever expanding noose
around the necks of me and you
freedom remains occupied in these states of abuse
Their wars are always justified the propaganda
to dummy us all into submission a common enemy must be
a face the media paints-whoring communal power to the
hierarchal state
that's always on the take
taking lives for gold, stealing land, causing wars
to support long after we're gone
the class status that sold every citizen into slavery
the brute force that murdered over a million in the
indian war
the terror that slaughtered apache and cherokee both
young and old
the power that consent puts into control
their lies become truth
every country is a terror campaign
a state of abuse
North to south east to west
here there everywhere
a state of abuse
So what you gonna do
if they come for you they gonna
get you two
a state of abuse
From the greek and roman empires
to the 1900 chinese dynasties
crusading spanish conquestadors
to the balkan war of 1912
a state of abuse
a state of abuse
and the war that gotta end
is the war brought down
by the upper classes
on the working and the poor masses
a systematic state of abuse.

The Entartete Kunst Collective. 2005