Reduced to the max: Guts pie Earshot is now a duo, and after now 12 years they continue to play their own version of „post – hardcore „ with the influence of dancefloor and drum´n bass. No guitar, no bass, but a cello and drums to mix extremes like classic music to punk, dancefloor, drum´n bass, hardcore and pop.
They send you a trip wich can smash you far away to a land of dreams and feelings like pain, extactic joy or just an astionished resignative smile in your face, wondering in wich world you landed.
„Real mellow and smoothing passages that burst into explosions of chaos! It has the speed and strength, then again it´s nothing you've ever heard before“
With 8 albums out now, and over 500 concerts in different locations (squats, commercial clubs, festivals, tecnivals, uncommercial centers...) made them to an important part of the live alternative music-scene in europe.