KURHAUS – This is serious.
Concerts are more than entertainment, political lyrics more than just words and hardcore is more than music. Hardcore means thinking for yourself, real feelings and direct action.
You will hardly find anyone at a KURHAUS-gig, who is not convinced of the band’s passionate commitment after a few songs and words. Full Power against racism, sexism and any kind of stupidity and suppression. With heart and soul for everything that makes life worth living.
What kind of music could be better for these expolsive contents than emotional hardcore? Without caring for the latest hypes and common rock band clishés KURHAUS blend different styles to a brutal yet melodic cocktail. While singer Jan screams out his soul’s pain the rest of the band weaves an amazingly complex wall of sound without losing sight on grooves and raw in-your-face energy. Emotion not whining, aimed aggression not blind anger!
Of course this style has not developed over night. From„last exit:
revolution“ (CD, 2000) over „lifesigns&scars“-EP (2002) to the brand new release „refuse to be dead“ (2004) the band has undergone a constant evolution and this without a single line-up change.
Especially on stage you can see these eight years of experience – in blind understanding they set the stage on fire and give their everything – five individuals who dare to act their feelings every time and without taking hostages.

Kurhaus are:

Michael I Drums, Christian I Bass, Jan I Vocals, Marius I Guitar & Vocals, Nico I Guitar & Vocals


kurhaus - Lyrics of drop the bomb

no more racist scum and fascist pigs – drop the bomb!

your narrow minds make me sick – drop the bomb!

no judge, no court, no trial, just us and our justice named molotov

dial 88 for hate – drop the bomb!

hitler junkies, fuck you – drop the bomb!

burn down piccadilly shop, burn down club 88

in our scene there is no place for you

in this world there is no need for you

good night white pride!

fuck you racial prejudices – drop the bomb!

your anti-semitism – drop the bomb!

nazis in bomber jackets or in suits, we’ll find’em, give’em the boot

one bullet, one racist – drop the bomb!

grind their fucking faces – drop the bomb!

forever antiracist

forever antifascist