My music is a weapon.
Nothing more and nothing less. The corporations control the airwaves, the telivision stations, the newspapers - every form of mass media has been turned into a tool of social control to keep the majority under the thumb of the elite minority. As George Orwell said, "in a time of universal deciet, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." So consider my songs ammunition for the class war.
In the last six years I've traveled all over this country, talking to people, learning by doing, and lending a hand wherever I can. I am not unique or special in any way, I am just one out of the many thousands of people who have dedicated themselves to this struggle. We are fighting for our lives, our planet, our communities, our friends, families, and neighbors; and we cannot afford to lose.
So when the president – any president - gets up on national television and says that those of us who oppose him and his plans for global domination and mass murder are UnAmerican, then it is time for every person of conscience - every person who is not ready to see the blood of innocent people spilled for the profit and amusement of the powers that be to stand up and tell the world: We are proud to be UnAmerican; and we will use every means available to us to defend ourselves, each other, and our world!

There can be no Peace until there is Justice.
And there will be no Justice until we make Revolution.

In a world full of uncertainties, there are only a few things you can count on:
Power will always Corrupt, The corrupted will always seek more Power,
and there will always be at least a few people willing to fight back and speak Truth.

Politically Speaking my affiliations are as follows:
I believe that people have the right to control their own communities and workplaces democratically, so I am an Autonomist.
One of the most basic rights that goes along with a belief in localized self-governance is the right for indigenous/native people (be they Celts, Africans, Aborigines, Basque, Chechens, Tibetans, Palestinians, or Native Americans) to retain and re-assert control of their homelands and to realize political, religious, and economic self-determination. So I am an Indigenist.
I believe that it is essential for people in different communities to stand up for each other and set up networks of mutual aid and solidarity, so I am a Syndicalist.
I believe that the only way to make sure these networks and localized governing systems work for the people is to make them non-hierarchal and fully accountable to the people, so I am an Anarchist.
I know that the Race system is one of the most powerful tools that the upper classes have to separate working people from each other, and - to put it bluntly - I'm sick of seeing my friends and neighbors get abused; so I am Anti-Racist.
My mother and my sisters are women (as I'm sure yours are too), and it would be stupid of me to ignore the bullshit they have to deal with in this sexist society, so I do my best to be a Feminist (or at least a strong ally, depending on your definitions).
I am aware of the incredible environmental devastation and loss of biodiversity that results from capitalism and I work to stop that devastation by every means available to me so I am an Environmentalist. I also recognize the fact that the "environment" is not just some nebulous thing that exists outside the cities, but is all around us all the time and that the issues of environmental racism and classism that plague working-class communities are very real, so I am a Social Ecologist.
I recognize the value of all life, not just human life, and am working for dignity and freedom for all life, so I am Biocentric.
I hate violence and want to make human society as nonviolent as possible; however I also recognize that the people in power will never be persuaded to give up their power through purely nonviolent means, so I embrace a philosophy of a Diversity of Tactics, and support action by "every means effective." Simply put this means that if nonviolence will work then I support nonviolence. If it will not work then I support whatever actions WILL work to achieve freedom.

Emcee Lynx has been rhyming for over 13 years, since he was 12 years old. Soundtrack for Insurrection Volume 1,his first solo album, was released in 2001 and established his reputation as an original artist unafraid to stretch the boundaries of Hip Hop. Six months later the album was re-printed in the Czech Republic as a benefit for the Anarchist Black Cross, a grassroots organization that supports Political Prisoners.
In 2002, Lynx followed up with "Soundtrack for Insurection Volume II," and appeared on 2 different nationally-distributed anti-war compilations, as well as the "No Idea Compilation" which was put out by the 1312 Group.
As part of the international mobilization to stop the illegal invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, Emcee Lynx was a featured performer at massive anti-war rallies in San Jose, CA and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and also performed at three of the massive anti-war rallies held in San Francisco, performing in front of hundreds of thousands people in the process.
After a brief hiatus to write and record, Emcee Lynx returned in July 2003 with the "Black Dog EP." A month later in March of '03, Lynx's track "A Bullet in the Chamber" was included on the internationaly-distributed "Warnography" compilation, released by Love and Rage Records of Austrailia.
On May 1, 2004 The mp3's for The UnAmerican LP were posted on the circlealpha.com website, and clocked over 100,000 downloads in the next year. The album has since been reprinted in Germany and Indonesia to raise money for local anarchist organizations. In July 2004, Lynx was featured on the Hiphoplogia - CD Anticarcelario compilation released in Spain and Chile by Libertad Anarchist Press as a benefit for anarchist political prisoners, and in November 2004 had a song featured on the States Of Abuse compilation, which is available worldwide through Revolver distribution.

Lyrics of Carpe Diem

So what are we waiting for? It’s like this whole world has gone nuts
I’m sick of taking orders from pigs who think they own us
This shit is infantile, it’s time to act like grownups

Cape Diem motherfuckers, stand up and seize the moment!

Ever since I learned to talk I’ve had to censor myself
And ever since I learned to walk I’ve had to deal with someone els

Telling me where to go, what to do, who to be
And I’m fuckin sick of it, I’m just tryna be me
And I that know ya’ll can see through this façade
America is sicker then the marquise de sade
if they value individuals, it seems kinda odd
To make us sell our lives to survive, but their god
Is the dollar, straight up, and everybody knows it
they might not ever say it, but their actions clearly
show it
it’s all about the benjamins, that’s why they keep
sendin in
our friends and our neighbors to die in a war again
but somehow someway someday we’re gonna stop ‘em
got the system in my sights it’s time to get some guns
keep the people rockin, reclaimin the streets
bangin on the drums and stompin ya feet

The difference between us is while you’re fuckin shit
I’m tryna build something better, to get us out of
this rut
Grippin the cuts, with the tightest suspension
Grabbin you by the throat like, kid, pay attention!
I’ve got shit to say, that you need to hear
Why the fuck you let your life be dictated by your

addition and subtraction, it isn’t complicated
we’re starving to death amid wealth that we created
everybody has the right to food clothes and shelter
and nobody has the right to stand there and tell ya
you’ve got no choice but to die for their dollars
this shit is obvious, you ain’t gotta be a scholar
to know something’s wrong with the way we’ve been livin
and I’m sorry but some things just can’t be forgiven

drownin in the pain of a rich man’s game
stacks of statistics stressin’ my brain
framing a picture of a system insane
economic cancer - a runaway train
headin for a cliff, where the bridges remains
have been washed down the river by the force of the rain
we’re gonna crash, in a massive catastrophe
your cash gon’ be worthless, like 1930 germany
we’ve got a clear choice, between two extremes
do ya’ll wanna live Free or as Slaves to machines?
Cuz the fascist future that these patriots enactin’
Has got to be met with an organized reaction
And I don’t mean pointless protests I mean revolution
so I’m’a say it one more time to clarify any

You better get up, stand up, and arm yourself
And if your boss doesn’t like it then send him to hell
Or to skip the metaphor, just put a bullet in the face
Of any bougie motherfucker sayin “know your place”