Morts vivants & Cie:

I’m fed up ! And you, aren’t you fed up… ?
...with all of these bastards,
Who assess us with their dollars,
Wich they didn’t deserved, because you know they stole them!
We are fed up, fed up, fed up!
Cut theit rope!
Burn their sail!
Send them in the middle of oceans
Wich have been soiled by themselves!
They are gonna row!
Coke, Flunch, Pizza Paï,
Everywhere you go…
Try, try, try to avoid all of these places,
Which are juste like living-deads meetings,
Wastes who collaborate in liberalism’s fest!
A little coalition as a light meal waiting the great meal!
Diabolical multinationaltrusts,
Wastes who collaborate,
With ther giant motor…
Hustling our children to their…
Mac Do, Mac dollar, Mac do-larbin! (“larbin” mean slave)