The Platform is an horizontal collective made up of different people, some of those sons and daughters of people missing or in exile from latin american dictatorships, that retake the subversive way of the established order trough music and artistic expression.

An audiovisual counter-information project, a megaphone for the main actors of popular dissobedience, in which are wellcome all kind of proposals and collaborations that have in common the intention of finishing the actual unjustice and inequality situation, social and political, understanding the capitalist system, its benefactors and their neo-liberal policies as the main responsibles of it

Write to us if you are interested in collbarating with any of our projects or if you want us to take patrt in yours.

Contact: the_platform@risepup.net

La Plataforma:
McCoko(molotov), Buddub, Kid Koltrane, Digital Beat,

do_G, Dj Anibal Verón