Smartut Kahol Lavan


Lyrics of 1929

Our song is about the unavoidable feelings of revenge that living in Israel / Palestine necessarily brings.

It’s a fanatic love affair/mine, not theirs/to see them turn to soap/with it, if they want, the Hebronites will wash the cancer and do the laundry/that will hang on their sniper-free roofs//
The convoy has passed/but my heart is with it/and in a puddle of blood a discarded mezuzah/it’s 1929//
Forgotten book of Tehilim/torn shoe with unmended orange lace/heartbroken cries/from a desolate PA//
It’s a fanatic love affair/seeing filth turned to soap//
Sitra Achra of fun/here we need a strong hand//

Protest against the place where you live!